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Accessibility of the Student Union HAMKO

Accessibility plan

Accessibility refers to actions and operating methods aimed at enabling everyone to participate in the activities of the student union.

The student union actively strives to develop its organisation so that everyone willing to participate can do so without any hinderance or barrier caused by their personal characteristics.


A student union is an organisation for students that represents their interests and offers services, based on the Universities of Applied Sciences Act (Section 41 of the Universities of Applied Sciences Act). The student union serves as a link between its members and promotes their societal, social and mental aspirations as well as those related to studying and the position of students in society. The task of the student union is to participate in preparing students for active, informed and critical citizenship. The special task of the student union is to elect student representatives to the bodies defined in Section 4 of the Universities of Applied Sciences Act and, if necessary, to participate in the implementation of student health care in accordance with the provisions of the Health Care Act and the Act on Student Health Care for Higher Education Students (Laki korkeakouluopiskelijoiden opiskeluterveydenhuollosta).

Representation of interests

Representation of interests covers all students within the scope of the student union’s activities regardless of their status as members of the student union. The student union treats all different student groups equally regardless of the way their studies are carried out, their field of education, their campus or any other personal or special reason. Representation of interests is available throughout the year and for individuals and groups alike. When representing interests, efforts will be made to promote prevention together with the higher education institution and to ensure student participation.


The aim is to organise any events by the student union in a way that is accessible for the participants. Accessibility is taken into account in the planning and realisation of events. Event partners are required to commit to promoting accessibility. Various events aim to take different participants and their individual needs into consideration and to produce events also on terms that are suitable for them.


Information on the activities is provided efficiently and regularly. Up-to-date and regular information is produced on the activities. This includes information on student benefits and rights, member services and events. Communications are student-centred, appropriate and open.

In communications, attention is paid to accessibility. We use understandable and clear language and avoid difficult terms. We explain clearly what things mean. A responsible person has been appointed for the accessibility of communications. Communications take the diversity of audiences into consideration.

Communications take place on multiple channels and are accessible with various assistive devices. At least the key information is available in the languages used in the higher education institution’s degree programmes. Communications are also produced in English to take international students into consideration.

Member service

The member service takes different teaching models into account by also offering services to remote students. The member service is available in the higher education institution’s languages of instruction, Finnish and English.


The student union complies with the principles of good governance and ensures that the administrative documents are accessible. Its minutes are made accessible, and the representatives’ minutes are public insofar as they are provided for in the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003) and the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999).


Monitoring and developing responsibility is the responsibility of all student union actors. Accessibility will be promoted in all sectors where the student union operates. The main responsibility for the monitoring and development of accessibility lies with the student union’s specialist on communications and member service, and the executive manager.

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Aleksi Kurvi

Executive director, The Student Union of Häme University of Applied Science

Liisa Hyytiäinen

Adviser, Member Service and Communications, The Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences