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Accessibility of digital services

Accessibility plan

This plan applies to the programmes or services of the Häme University of Applied Sciences in educational, research, service and administrative units. 

HAMK is committed to enabling equal opportunities for students and staff to study and participate. The aim is to promote equal access for students, employees and visitors to HAMK’s electronic information resources, technologies and services. HAMK aims to:

  • To fulfil WCAG criteria levels A and AA on their website.
  • To use hardware and software products that take accessibility into account.
  • To design and implement digital environments and contents that are suitable for all users.

Current state of digital accessibility and development measures

The areas of digital accessibility are: Digital services and systems, digital services in physical environments and personnel training and support for the use of digital services.

Digital services and systems

  • Procurement of new software and data systems:
    Accessibility is included in the checklist of procurements and in the template of the evaluation of the impacts of change report required by the Act on Information Management. The objective is that during the procurement process, suppliers are required to describe the fulfilment of the minimum accessibility criteria specified in the Digital Services Act and decrees by means of an accessibility report. If the criteria are not met, the supplier presents a schedule to make the software accessible.
  • Accessibility of existing software and data systems:
    The goal is that the software and data systems used are accessible. If this is not the case, the shortcomings are known. A location for this information has been added to the data system portfolio. A survey of teaching systems has been carried out. The data has not been centrally collected. The overall survey will be carried out in 2023–2024.
  • Subtitling services:
    The personnel have the necessary software in place to enable accessible video production.
  • Assistive technology:
    The ReadSpeaker listening function is available on the website and the learn platform.

Digital services in physical environments

  • Use of own equipment and aids:
    Enabling students and staff to use their own equipment and aids.
  • EXAM exam space:
    The EXAM space is accessible.
  • Induction loops:
    The goal is to have induction loops in all campus auditoriums by 2024.

Personnel training and support for using digital services

  • Support for the production of accessible material and the development of competence:
  • Coaching is available for the personnel, and the course offering is being continuously developed.
  • The Digipakki online course enables independent skill development. The course is to be expanded further, and an English version of it will be produced in 2023.
  • The experts offer personal support, and the staff has access to open Teams platforms (Accessibility and Teaching Technologies).
  • The Digipedaohjeet website is in use. Additionally, all accessibility instructions are compiled on the public accessibility website. The website is constantly updated.
  • Accessibility of work and instructions for use:
  • The findability and accessibility of the contents of all work guidelines still needs to be developed, and this will be done during 2023.
  • Accessibility competence of Information Management personnel:

In 2022–2024, the required accessibility competence of different expert groups will be identified and the acquisition of competence will be ensured.


Digital accessibility is regularly developed and evaluated. The aim is to apply good practices to all personnel.

Director of Digital Services

The Director of the Digital Technologies and Services ensures that the personnel responsible for procurement, programmes, and services have sufficient technical knowledge related to accessibility standards. The Director of Information Technology and Services is also a member of HAMK’s Accessibility Steering Group.

Accessibility Specialist

The specialist appointed for the unit supports the Director of Digital Services and the team in accessibility matters. They work as part of the higher education institution’s network of accessibility experts and implement practices and communications on accessibility issues to teams together with information management specialists. Information Management provides support in personnel accessibility issues and coaching.

All personnel

Each member of the personnel is responsible for promoting the accessibility of the higher education institution.

  • They understand the importance of accessibility at the higher education institution and in their work.
  • They contribute to producing accessible materials for websites or teaching, for example.
  • They are able to observe accessibility and report any shortcomings.
  • They recognise their competence and are able to find and request additional support if necessary.

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