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Evo Campus Centre. A light cream-coloured building with a red roof. Green grassy field in the foreground.
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Come and study at Evo’s unique forest campus!

Our unique forest campus offers students high quality forest studies in Finnish and English, both in the classroom and in the forest.

The Evo campus is a centre for forest education and research with a history dating back to 1862. Its long tradition provides a solid foundation for an education that looks to the future and meets the changing needs of the forestry sector.

Our main learning environment is the approximately 1 800 hectares of observation forest surrounding the campus, which allows for a natural transition from classroom teaching directly into the field. In addition, Evo campus has a close-knit and welcoming community where fellow students and staff are sure to get to know each other.

Among other things, the campus has a wonderful lakeside sauna, which is heated by students every night at best. The campus and the educational forest are part of the national Evo hiking area. So nature is a real presence throughout the campus and a wide range of hiking trails of different lengths are just around the corner. The nearest services, such as a grocery store, can be found a few tens of kilometres away.

The campus is also home to the Häme Vocational Institute’s forestry education, which contributes to the education in forestry. In addition, there has been a lot of cooperation with the Finnish Natural Resources Institute (LUKE) over the years. LUKE is an important research partner for Evo and students are constantly working on theses for the evolving forestry sector.

Campus facts

Around 230 students

Around 20 staff representatives

Lammi, Hämeenlinna

Addresses, directions and maps

Visiting address of the campus

Saarelantie 1​​​​, 16970 Evo

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Breakfast and lunch are served on weekdays in the canteen in the main campus building. Breakfast from Tuesday to Friday from 7.30 to 8.00. An affordable and tasty lunch is served to students, staff and guests of the Evokeskus from Monday to Friday from 11.00-12.30.

A kiosk with coffee and other refreshments is also available in the canteen. The canteen’s weekly changing menus are available at the Evokeskus.

Health care

All enrolled university students pursuing a degree who are registered for attendance receive primary health care services through the YTHS.


At Evo, you’ll live in the beautiful lakeside scenery of Rautjärvi, in the immediate vicinity of the school. Full-time students can live either in cells, studio flats, two-bed flats or single rooms.


Check out the library services in Evo!

Opportunities for sport

The campus has its own sports hall and a well-equipped gym, which are free for students to use. There are also plenty of outdoor sports facilities in the immediate vicinity of the campus. There are hiking trails, floodlit and unlit jogging paths and ski trails, inviting you to exercise all year round. There is also a large grass field and a 9-hole frisbee golf course on campus.

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Our unique forest campus offers students high quality forest studies in Finnish and English, both in the classroom and in the forest.

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