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Trainees and employees

Our students in cooperation.

You can find trainees, part-time or full-time employees or light entrepreneurs from HAMK. Many university students find a job in a company or organisation while they are still studying and then move smoothly into the world of work after graduation – so make the most of your partnerships, internships and theses when recruiting!

Work placements are part of the process of building up a student’s skills. A well-executed work placement benefits both the student and the company or organisation.

Remember also the opportunities for internationalisation! We have nearly 1,000 international graduate students, representing dozens of different nationalities.

Do this

We’ve focused on providing jobs, internships and thesis possibilities for students on the Tiitus service – it’s quick and easy to use, and security has been properly taken care of. You can create your profile in the service below. Tiitus is used by many other educational institutions, so the platform allows you to reach students from a wider range of disciplines and levels of education. If your company has its own recruitment platform, you can redirect the application process to it in Tiitus.

Through the system, you can contact students directly, without any unnecessary intermediaries. You manage the advertisements yourself and see the related data. You can also browse students’ profiles through the Haavi service. The service uses artificial intelligence to suggest places for students that match their skills.

How to write a good recruitment advertisement

  • Think about how to make your advert as interesting as possible – How do you sell a place to a student?
  • Salary/Compensation: the more open you are about compensation, the better you can reach the right people and save time on both sides.
  • Does the company offer employment benefits? What are the telecommuting opportunities?
  • If you offer a work placement, are there opportunities to offer a job or making a thesis afterwards?
  • Provide enough information about the company or a link to learn more about the company.

Frequently asked questions

You can contact students directly, without any intermediaries. Informing through information channels alone can easily drown the advertisements in a flood of information. Graduates no longer have access to HAMK’s internal information channels. The service can make use of the company’s own visual identity and emphasise the company’s image. You can manage and modify notifications yourself and see related analytics.

HAMK has students from the fields of bioeconomy, welfare, education, business, design and technology. You can find our courses and their descriptions here.

The traineeship should contribute to the development of professional skills, in particular by familiarising the student with the key practical tasks of the field. A good work placement contributes to a student’s career development.

As a rule, the employer pays the student for the work placement. The salary is agreed directly with the student.

Internships range from 30 to 85 credits, depending on the programme. In terms of time, it usually takes around 2-6 months.

The employer must set aside time to supervise and commit to the training for its entire duration.

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