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International students in cooperation

9000 new ideas – projects, work placements, theses and recruitment opportunities! Cooperation with students is diverse and can be tailored to your needs.

Cooperation with international students

HAMK has around a thousand international degree students, representing dozens of different nationalities. Companies and organisations can benefit from the professional expertise of HAMK’s international students, as well as from their language and cultural skills in the different stages of internationalisation and international activities. We are also involved in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s national Talent Boost programme, which promotes the attraction, immigration and integration of international talents in Finland.

As a nation, we must be able to find ways to expand our pool of young talent. We took up the excellent international skills pool offered by HAMK with an open mind and have not been disappointed.

Ville Laakso, chairman of the board, Papermark Oy

Work placement

You’ll gain extra resources, skills and new perspectives.


Investigate or develop your business or explore new opportunities.


Summer worker, part-time worker or employee.


Sector-specific student projects to meet your business needs. Popular projects include Market Entry surveys.

Tandem or Group placement

Through tandem placements, it is possible to try out multicultural cooperation and the multicultural skills of the work community with a lower threshold, and to grow a more diverse pool of potential employees in the company.

Group placements, on the other hand, allow you to make the most of international students from different disciplines. Group placements are a good option if your company needs a multidisciplinary team for a multidisciplinary project, for example.

In a tandem placement, international and Finnish students go on a placement together, in the same company.


As a mentor, you can support a student’s career development while developing your own language skills and cultural understanding. We will tailor an implementation to suit you.

Company visit

Invite international students to visit or meet them at HAMK.

Job shadowing

Let a student follow your work. Provide important experience for the student, raise the company’s image and lower the threshold for a potential employee.


Become a friend yourself or with your family to an international student. The programme starts in autumn.

Our degree programmes with international students:

  • Expertise in sustainable crop and livestock production, agricultural technologies, digitalisation of agriculture, organic production methods, bioeconomy and circular economy.
  • Students will complete a farm placement, an on-farm placement to familiarise them with the specialist tasks of an agrologist and an optional in-depth placement.

  • Knowledge of software technologies. Study user interface design, operating systems, web development, databases, cloud computing, software robotics, business and innovation.

Knowledge of international business, global business environments, digital marketing, intercultural communication. Provides companies with Market Entry – market research.

Knowledge of traditional and modern design techniques, sustainable and intelligent design and circular economy thinking in entrepreneurial and industrial environments.

Expertise in structural design and steel construction. Studies include mechanics, mathematics, technical drawing, CAD, structural understanding and 3D visualisation. During the course of the studies, it is possible to achieve a Class A structural engineer qualification.

Expertise in automation and electrical design. Teaches a wide range of new technologies such as simulation, virtualisation, robotics, IoT and machine learning.

Skills to develop technology-based solutions for the bioeconomy. Topics include computer programming, software development, web solutions, IoT, M2M, virtual and augmented reality, internet services, industrial internet solutions, modelling and model simulation, 3D printing, data analytics and data networks.

Expertise in traditional mechanics, mechanical engineering, robotics, computer-aided product design, testing and 3D scanning.