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HAMK RD&I – Competitive Solutions

Regional impact and customer-oriented applied research

HAMK’s regional influence is carried out through customer-oriented applied research and business services.

Finland’s universities of applied sciences are tasked with providing research and development services that support local employers and regional development while taking into account the region’s economic structure.

Regional im​​pact

We take the policies and focus areas of sub-regions within HAMK’s operating area into consideration in our operations. Four research units that support the workplace and education operate according to specific focus areas:

Research units and research groups function in important research projects with our international strategic partners. We publish the results of our research work.

Business Services

HAMK’s main customers for research and development are the region’s operators in industry and commerce (particularly SMEs), as well as the public sector. We have international-level competence in our areas of expertise, and through our networks we can serve our customers even more widely.

Key services include

  • expertise,
  • networks,
  • training,
  • consultation,
  • development projects,
  • student contacts
  • multidisciplinary project-type learning projects.

We construct a simple model where learning projects commission by the workplace can be implemented at any location within our area. With the aid of the virtual campus, the digital service entity can also be used by companies and organisations.​

Promoting businesses through projects

Promoting entrepreneurship and new business is one of the central areas of focus in our educational and R&D activities. Start-up incubators have been established for this purpose in HAMK units, so that students can practise running a business as a part of their studies. In order to link research even more closely to teaching, we are developing learning environments in which students conduct R&D in the form of projects and theses carried out for employers.

International projects through various funding programmes

Häme University of Applied Sciences is a coordinator or partner in various international projects funded mainly by the European Unio​n, Nordic Council or the Finnish Ministries.

We are part of RUN (The Regional University Network) European University which brings together seven European higher education institutions from six different countries, all committed to a common vision. The aim of RUN-EU is to secure economical, societal, cultural and ecological sustainable progress within their regions and among stakeholders. This is done for example by producing RUN-EU’s research and innovation activities to promote sustainable regional development.

HAMK has also established partnerships for education, research and innovation in Africa where we are building knowledge and competence together with African universities and partners. You can read more about our projects in Africa here.

In addition to above examples, each of our four research unit has various ongoing research, development and innovation projects with international partners. These projects are an important part of R&D activities and higher education as they promote international collaboration, education and staff proficiency and often include student and staff mobility. An international project can also give students and staff an opportunity for internationalisation at home.


HAMK Bio – Sustainable Bio-economy
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HAMK Edu – Innovative Expertise
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HAMK Smart – Intelligent Services
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HAMK Tech – Technology for the Future
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