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Valkeakoski is a lively small town

Valkeakoski is a town in the southern part of Finland that offers a variety of services and free time activities.

​For a town of just over 21,000 inhabitants, Valkeakoski is surprisingly diverse. Here, it is possible to do sports of many types and also to watch sports at national level, eat in ethnic restaurants, go to movies or theatre, party, enjoy the beautiful nature and of course participate in high level education.

What you cannot find in Valkeakoski, is found in bigger cities nearby. Tampere is just 30 minutes drive by bus and Hämeenlinna is also nearby. Bus connections in the area are good and the nearest railway station in Toijala, is also near, 21 km from Valkeakoski. In the city centre, there’s a shopping mall and many other services including cafés, restaurants, library, banks, cinema, swimming hall, ice hall etc.

For the best shopping facilities in Finland, you do not have to travel far from Valkeakoski. Ideapark in Lempäälä is one of the biggest malls in Finland with over 200 shops, cafés and restaurants in the same building, only 15 minutes away from Valkeakoski.

Valkeakoski campus
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