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Optional Studies

Optional Studies

20.04.2023 10:02

Profiling studies build your competence on the work-related areas you want to develop.

Profiling and optional studies

Profiling studies build your competence on the work-related areas you want to develop. They allow you to turn your competence and degree into something that matches your personal goals. The number of profiling studies depends on the degree you are taking. They may be optional modules offered by your own degree programme, profiling studies of HAMK’s other degree programmes or some other profiling studies.

Optional studies provide an opportunity to expand, deepen and supplement your professional skills and personal development according to your own goals. You may choose optional studies to your personal study plan (PSP) from your group curriculum, other HAMK’s curricula or common module selection. Besides that, you may find optional studies from other higher education institutions, open universities, or as personal studies through different learning environments, projects and company collaboration.

Make sure that studies are suitable for your PSP before enrolling, and please note that you cannot include Bachelor level studies to your Master’s Degree.

HAMK’s study selection

You can browse the curricula of HAMK’s degree programmes on the Study guide website as well as the implementation plans of individual modules and courses. Change the Study guide language from Finnish to English with the button at the top right of the page. You can find the implementation plans of the joint course provision in the search for optional courses. You can search for courses by field of education or language and organize the search results by clicking on the column heading in the list. You can also apply for courses in the course selection search using the desired application criteria.

For more detailed, degree program specific instructions, select your degree program from the link list on this page!

Open Universities of Applied Sciences

You will find the Open University courses and the registration practices of each university of applied sciences from their websites. HAMK students can take Open University courses from other universities of applied sciences and pay the study fees themselves (except for CampusOnline and Averko courses). After receiving the transcript of records, they can start the RPL procedure to get the credits transferred to their student records. Open courses are usually subject to charges, but the Averko courses by Centria university of applied sciences are free of charge.

HAMK’s own open courses are available for HAMK students free of charge. You can take an open course if it can be included in your PSP. Students register for HAMK’s open courses via Pakki. HAMK’s AOKK /Professional Teacher Education (Humanities and Education) studies at the Open University of Applied Sciences are subject to a fee, and you can register for them using the current enrolment link during the open university’s registration periods.

CampusOnline / Cross-institutional studies

HAMK students may take courses from other universities of applied sciences that belong to CampusOnline. These courses are available year-round, even in the summertime, and free of charge when they are suitable for the student’s degree. To see the upcoming courses, visit CampusOnline.fi. Please look up the enrolment times and practices of each university from the course information before enrolment. Most universities of applied sciences handle CampusOnline students as open university students, but without course fees. You can register for the studies organized by HAMK in Pakki.

Contact your student advisor or teacher tutor before registration to make sure that the course can be approved to your PSP. A Master’s degree student cannot complete Bachelor’s level studies at CampusOnline.

After completing the course, the student at HAMK sends the grade to the home university for recording.   The attainments transfer form found from Pakki can only be used to send the grade of a joint cross-institutional course (CampusOnline or similar) completed at another higher education institution, when you have completed the course while studying at HAMK at the same time. The suitability of the course must be confirmed by the guidance counsellor before registering. Bachelor level studies cannot be accepted for the Master’s degree. A RPL application is made for studies completed elsewhere and completed before the start of the degree studies at HAMK. A link to My Study Info and a screenshot is required for the application. If you are applying for an English or Swedish language study, an official transcript is required as an attachment.

Climate University / Cross-institutional studies

The new Climate University cross-study agreement means that all students of the 18 collaborating higher education institutions can take Climate University courses from other institutions.

The course materials are open for everybody, but to get credits for the courses, you must be registered as a student at one of the partnering universities or the Open University. The courses mainly run online, but in addition to remote assignments, the instructors responsible for each course will offer real-time instruction, as well, and will grade the students’ performances. The Climate University courses are geared towards students, teachers, and anyone already in the labour market, who are interested in themes of climate change and sustainability. The main language of the courses is English, but they are also being translated into Finnish.

The Climate University collaboration includes the following institutions:

  • University of Helsinki (coordinator)
  • Aalto University
  • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
  • Häme University of Applied Sciences
  • LAB University of Applied Sciences
  • Lappeenranta University of Technology
  • Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • Svenska handelshögskolan
  • Tampere University
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Arts
  • University of Eastern Finland
  • University of Jyväskylä
  • University of Lapland
  • University of Oulu
  • University of Turku
  • University of Vaasa

Instructions for registration: https://blogs.helsinki.fi/climateuniversity/

After completing the course, the student at HAMK sends the grade to the home university for recording.   The attainments transfer form found from Pakki can only be used to send the grade of a joint cross-institutional course (CampusOnline or similar) completed at another higher education institution, when you have completed the course while studying at HAMK at the same time.  The suitability of the course must be confirmed by the guidance counsellor before registering. Bachelor level studies cannot be accepted for the Master’s degree. The credit can also be accepted with RPL.

Open university studies for degree students at Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)

Open university studies at Häme Summer University provide degree students at HAMK with freedom and flexibility to plan their studies, to develop professional competencies and to build personalized career paths. Häme Summer University organizes university courses all year round. Unfortunately there is no course provision in English.

Prior to registration you need consult your study supervisor. HAMK will return the payment if the studies are in accordance with your personal study plan and if you have agreed on the completion of the studies with your study supervisor.

Häme Summer University gives 15 % discount from open university studies’ course fees to degree students at HAMK. To receive a discount, you need to be registered as an attending student at HAMK. In the Häme Summer University registration form fill in the name of the institution where you study and your student number. Alternatively, you can attach a copy / picture of your student ID card. After receiving a registration confirmation by e-mail, you need to pay the course fee. To get a refund for the course fee, provide your institution a receipt of the payment.

Open University studies at Häme Summer University:


Summer Universities

You are entitled to a refund of Summer University payments if you have agreed in advance with your degree programme about taking the course. Pay for the fee of Summer University or Open University (summer courses) and deliver a receipt of the payment with the record of credits to your own degree programme. This applies only to courses which are implemented between May 15 and August 31.

Optional language studies at HAMK area high schools

Kauriala and Lyseo in Hämeenlinna, plus Riihimäki and Valkeakoski Upper Secondary Schools provide optional (short), B3 –language studies, e.g. French, Russian, Spanish, German

  • studies are free of charge for HAMK’s bachelor degree students
  • language studies must be completed during bachelor degree studies and approved by student counsellor or the head of degree programme
  • if the student has already studied basics of the language in question, s/he should take an advanced course
  • one course in high school = 3 cr in HAMK
  • assessment accepted HYV – pass
  • please check the language of tuition before enrolling on these courses
  • the student will ask for a Transcript of Records from the high school and deliver it to the student counsellor for credit transfer
  • for more information, contact your degree programme student counsellor and visit the local high school webpages

Online courses in industrial management

Online courses are a great way to enhance your competences while still being fully involved with the studies in your own degree programme. Have a look at the courses we offer to see if there is something that adds value to your own degree studies.

Flexibility is the key

Do you want to take optional studies without the hassle of trying to fit everything in a single school day? Do you want to enhance your professional competences with management skills? Then our online courses in Industrial Management and Logistics might be just the thing for you!

We offer a range of studies either as non-stop online courses, summer courses or online courses available at any given time during an academic year. Most of the courses are repeated at the very least 2 times during an academic year. We feel that this type of a structure will give you a more flexible basis for planning your studies in advance, and also for getting the most out of your studies in the long-term. On top of this, we offer all of our courses both in English and in Finnish.

What about my learning style?

The format of the individual courses differs from course to course. Some of the courses are highly geared toward project-based learning, while others are based more on individual work, which you can do at any given time. We want to give you a chance to build practical experience whilst also being able to study without the added time restrictions of normal life. The course format will be explained in detail in the implementation plan of each course.

Who can take these studies?

These studies are available for all HAMK students, as well as Open University students. On most cases we do not demand that you have any prerequisite skills, but strive to build the required skills during the courses. If prerequisites do exist, they are mentioned in the implementation plan of the course. Depending on your interests you can take either a single course or even the whole module of courses.

Course info

Here you find information on the courses we offer as optional studies along with general descriptions on the contents of each larger module. Even though we have organised all of these studies in large 15 ECTS modules (apart from few courses), you can still take each of the courses individually unless otherwise mentioned in the module description.

Operations development 2018-2019, 15 ECTS

For more information please visit the links below:
Process management 5 ECTS
Quality Management 5 ECTS, current
Production Plannig 5 ECTS

Operations development deals with the subject of improving and planning business operations. Rationalising work and making sure customers get exactly what they want when they want it, is important for every organisation – and this is the subject of this module!

Logistict 2018-2019, 15 ECTS

logistics figure

For more information please visit the links below:
Supply Chain Management 5 ECTS
Inventory Management 5 ECTS, current
Inventory Management 5 ECTS, coming in January
Transportation 5 ECTS

Modern world is highly dependent on Logistics. It is needed to make sure that we have our daily necessities available to us at reasonable prices. This, of course, has to be done without forgetting the environment. Logistics and supply chain management is an extremely important aspect of any type of manufacturing, retail or service operation. This module, Supply Chain Management, will teach you the large framework of networked operations while the other two courses will introduce you to more detailed aspects of the same subject. Later on we will offer one of these courses as an online study.

Industrial management 2018-2019, 15 ECTS


In all businesses – every day – you’ll meet the need to understand the basic issues related management & finance, marketing / sales and purchasing. This Industrial Management package gives you views to these fundaments.

For more information please visit the links below:
Purchasing 5 ECTS
B2B Marketing and Sales 5 ECTS

B2B service business 2018-2019, 15 ECTS

b2b service business figure

For more information please visit the links below:
Service Business B2B 5 ECTS
Organizing Service Business 5 ECTS
Marketing and Selling Service Products 5 ECTS

More and more companies realise that building high tech and quality products is just not enough – you need to deliver more. B2B Services come into the picture when you need to expand the company offering from products to services. Services can also give revenue streams that supplement the cyclical nature of project -based businesses nicely. It is recommended to take the courses in the listed order so that the first course (B2B Service Business) is completed first.

Entrepreneurship 2018-2019, 6 ECTS

entrepreneurship figure

For more information please visit the links below:
Enterpreneurship – attitude and action 3 ECTS
Basics of business operations 3 ECTS

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), run by high quality Entrepreneurship, are the future of this country in terms of economic growth potential. It is a fact that the biggest amount of new jobs are formed in SME’s. At the moment there are approximately 261,000 entrepreneurs in Finland, which amounts to ~10.8% of the whole working population – and this number is expected to grow. This means that having a solid understanding of this subject is a crucial competence for each and every one of us, independent of the degree you are studying.

The above entrepreneurship studies will be updated to the following. Scheduling for these new courses will be announced later on.

Other virtual studies 2018-2019


For more information please visit the links below:
Basics of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 5 ECTS
Project Management 3 ECTS

We also offer some individual, optional courses, which we find helpful for everyone. Project Management is still a work in progress, and we’ll inform you of this course here later on.

Practical aspects – What do I need to know?
Online courses are close to normal studies in some respects, but differ a bit in others. The main things to consider include:

  • Always familiarize yourself with the implementation plan before enrolling for a course. This document contains pretty much all of the things you need to know in advance.
  • Only enrol for courses, which you plan to complete. Our courses repeat regularly, which will allow you to keep your study load reasonable.
  • Be an active and positive communicator, communication is the basis of all learning. This applies especially in the virtual domain: we have to work for it.
  • We will always be happy to provide guidance and help in relation to our courses. Don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • Online courses always demand a bit more organisational skills from you than normal studies. Take responsibility for your own learning!
  • We will mostly use the following tools for in-course communication: WebEx, Skype for Business & Moodle.

Open university students
You can enrol for the courses at the moment by contacting our student advisor Annina Herala-Hemmilä (annina.herala-hemmila@hamk.fi).

Company cases
Student projects offer hands-on opportunities for students to learn in a real-world setting. The value of these types of learning experiences cannot be underestimated. For companies, these can offer fresh ideas into developing their businesses.

Project-based learning is a good opportunity
During some of these virtual courses, we regularly organise practical student projects. If your company has specific problems, which could be solved with a student project, please contact us and we will see, how we could proceed with it.

On a general level there are two ways in which we could typically proceed:

  • group work done during a specific course
  • project- / workplace studies done by individual students who are interested in this format of studying

We think that in well-organised and properly defined student projects everyone wins. Our students gain practical experience and real-world contacts. Businesses within our operational area, on the other hand, can gain fresh ideas to solving problems they are facing daily.

Some examples of these kinds of company cases:

  • B2B Marketing and Sales Plan for specific market as per your need
  • Report covering development ideas for B2B Service business of your company

If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact:

Hannu Rossi, senior lecturer
+358-40-550 5714

Personal studies

We can also give you credits from studies, which are not in any of HAMK’s curricula i.e. R&D projects, student exchange, student tutoring, defense force studies, or civic organization activity. Also you may earn credits by actively participating in educational politics and activities of the student union, such as acting as a HAMKO tutor.
The student counsellor adds these credits to your PSP after a counselling session or as agreed.

Credits from scout trainings

You may apply for a credit transfer from scout trainings towards your Bachelor’s degree at HAMK. Just demonstrate your skills with an official training certificate and a portfolio that shows how your competence matches the learning outcomes of HAMK’s module: Leadership and guidance skills in volunteering. The table below shows, how many credits you may get from each scout training. The maximum number of credits is 15 credits, which equals the maximum number of credits in Professional Skills module.

Name of the training  NQF level in the training of Guides and Scouts of Finland  Credits in the scout training Credits HAMK accredits towards your Bachelor’s degree
Basic Training for Guide and Scout Leaders NQF 4, basic level 7 cr 3 cr
Trainer Training NQF 5, intermediate level 2 cr 2 cr
Advanced Training for Guide and Scout Leaders NQF 5, intermediate level 25 cr 15 cr
Regional Training Commissioner training NQF 5, advanced level 3 cr 2 cr
Coach Training NQF 5, advanced level 2 cr 2 cr

YH00CH61 Leadership and guidance skills in volunteering 15 cr

Upon completion of this module, the student will know how to lead organisations, groups and individual people involved in voluntary work and learn how to develop these leadership skills further. The student gains leadership skills from activities such as event management, management position in an association, managing quality assurance and development projects, leading groups and individual people, guiding and training others, acting responsibly and taking care of security issues as well. Upon completion of the module, the student knows how to act responsibly in a volunteering position that has a major impact on our society. S/he knows how to organise training events and has the skills to educate others and assess learning outcomes with versatile assessment methods. The student knows how to plan, lead and develop the association’s training programme and recognition of prior learning.
The module completion is based on courses arranged by The Guides and Scouts of Finland. The courses accepted for the module are awarded with a certificate. They include:

  • Basic Training for Guide and Scout Leaders (7 cr) – 3 cr in HAMK’s module,
  • Trainer training (2 cr) – 2 cr in HAMK’s module,
  • Advanced Training for Guide and Scout Leaders (25 cr) – 15 cr in HAMK’s module,
  • Regional Training Commissioner training (3 cr) – 2 cr in HAMK’s module,
  • Coach training (2 cr) – 2 cr in HAMK’s module.

The maximum number of credits accredited towards this module is 15 credits. In addition to the certificates, the students need to demonstrate their skills with a portfolio that shows how their competence matches the module’s learning outcomes.

YH00CH62 Leadership and guidance skills in volunteering 1, 3 cr

Upon completion of this module, the student will know how to lead organisations, groups and individual people involved in voluntary work and learn how to develop these leadership skills further.

The module completion is based on a certificate from Basic Training for Guide and Scout Leaders (7 cr) arranged by The Guides and Scouts of Finland. In addition to the certificate, the students need to demonstrate their skills with a portfolio that shows how their competence matches the module’s learning outcomes.

YH00CH63 Leadership and guidance skills in volunteering 2, 2 cr

Upon completion of this module, the student will know how to organise training events and has the skills to educate others and assess learning outcomes with versatile assessment methods.

The module completion is based on a certificate from Trainer training (2 cr) arranged by The Guides and Scouts of Finland. In addition to the certificate, the students need to demonstrate their skills with a portfolio that shows how their competence matches the module’s learning outcomes.

YH00BM93 Peer tutoring

Students understand the importance and role of peer guidance and peer tutoring as part of student guidance at the higher education institution. Students are able to act as tutors and guide the new students at HAMK. Students working as tutors will develop their own community and co-operation skills, as well as strengthen guidance and leadership skills.


Tutoring consists of tutor training sessions and working as a tutor. Through training sessions, the tutor becomes familiar with the functions of the higher education institution and the study environment. Training sessions strengthen the ability of a tutor to work as a responsible peer guide and to encounter and act in different guidance situations. Students will work as tutors in their own degree programme in cooperation with other trained tutors. Tutors can choose to complete additional international tutor training after the basic training sessions. International tutors will work as tutors for incoming exchange students.

YH00BM94 Responsible tutoring

Students will use their previous experiences and knowledge of tutoring to improve and develop tutoring and student guidance in their own degree programme and in the whole higher education institution. Students will work as responsible tutors in their own degree programme and/or study campus or improve their knowledge by working as an international tutor for incoming exchange students.


Responsible tutors know how to organise and coordinate tutoring activities in their own degree programme and/or between different degree programmes at their own study campus. Responsible tutors will work as a link between active tutors and staff members of the higher education institution. Responsible tutors work as peer-to-peer leaders for tutors performing their first year as tutors, and guide and support them in cooperation with study counsellors.

HA00BN56 Student’s role in quality assurance

Student understands their role in developing the university, for example the importance of giving feedback. Student constantly develops their learning environment by also evaluating their own role in the community. Student understands their role in development of quality system of The Student Union.

Student gains knowledge on following topics: developing and maintaining quality system in The Student Union and with the university, training student representatives, networking, developing feedback systems, communications.

Student representative in school’s management group 3 cr.
Board member of The Student Union in charge of quality and feedback, 5 cr.

Completion and evaluation:
Student writes a portfolio where they evaluate their learning and participation in quality assurance. Portfolio is returned to the head of Education Support Services who will approve the completion and amount of credits.

HA00BN53 Civic organization activities

Student takes part in developing national university politics and working in national student organizations. Student understands role of The Student Unions as a civic organization and the societal significance of individual student’s membership.

Student gains knowledge on following topics: networking, municipal development, HAMK strategy, collaboration with HAMK strategic communication, collaboration with different interest groups, contract negotiations.

Member of the Central Electoral Committee 3 cr.
Member of the Council of Representatives 3 cr.
Member of the Board 5 cr.
Chairman/Vice Chairman of the Council of Representatives 5 cr.

Completion and evaluation:
Activities in The Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMKO)
Student completes the course by taking part in HAMKO’s activities. HAMK and HAMKO have created guidelines which define the amount of credits student will get from different activities. Student writes a portfolio to and returns it to the president of The Student Union.

Other civic organization activities:
Student completes the course by recognition of prior studies (RPL). Student applies for credits from other civic organization activities, like acting in a nationwide organization. Student writes an extensive portfolio about their activities and responsibilities in the position of trust. Certificate of the position of trust should be copied and attached to the portfolio.

HA00BV46 Working in local student organisation

Student has worked in a position of trust in local student association at HAMK campus. Student knows meeting practices, Associations Act’s effect on association’s activities, what their own responsibilities and obligations in the association are and how to promote local student culture.

President/Chairman of student association 5 cr.
Board member of student association 3 cr.

YH00BV67 Marketing your education and competence

Scope: 1 – 3 credits

Learning outcomes: The students improve their public speaking and interaction skills and their sales and marketing skills. The students learn to describe their education and practise marketing their competence. The students are introduced to and learn to use various channels of marketing communication.

Content: The students learn about marketing by taking part in HAMK’s marketing efforts. This participation may include students acting as presenters at fairs, taking part in school visits, describing their education to various groups, planning or implementing their own marketing projects, taking part in photo shoots, blogging or video blogging, or using other social media channels. The activities are selected together with a personnel member. The students receive training or instructions for their duties, and the relevant requirements are explained to them. The personnel member in charge of the learning task will guide the students and give feedback. The students will record their learning tasks in a HAMK form, 27 hours of work corresponds with 1 credit. The maximum number of credits is 3. A HAMK personnel member will check and acknowledge the completed activities. The students can keep collecting learning tasks throughout their studies, rather than having to accumulate them during a particular semester or academic year.

When students wish to cash in the credits, they submit a summary of the completed activities and a self-assessment of some 1-2 pages to their student counsellor, who will enter the credits in the student’s PSP. The self-assessment should include: the objectives and modes of implementation of the completed activities, an evaluation of the student’s personal success, development ideas. To attain the credits, the student needs to submit a list of the activities completed (date, theme, acknowledgement of the staff member in charge) and a self-assessment.

Assessment criteria: The course will be assessed on the scale Pass/Fail.

You can plan different marketing methods together with your study counselor or choose HAMK’s marketing opportunities which are open for all students:

  • Take over HAMK’s social media sites! HAMK Reporter week gives you a change to show your story in Instagram or Snapchat.

YH00BU51 International Exchange

Scope: 3 credits

During the exchange period students will learn a lot more than what is stated on the certificates they receive. Students will find out about the host country’s culture before they leave and during their stay abroad. In addition, they will find a suitable exchange destination, find out about funding, student financial aid, and matters related to visas and insurance. Students will complete and submit the relevant forms. Students will also disseminate their exchange experiences to other students.

YH00CN53 Living and Learning Abroad

Scope: 2-5 credits

The aim of the course is to enhance students’ intercultural competence as an outcome of their exchange period abroad. This training course is for students who have been accepted for student exchange or placement abroad. On completion of this course, the student will be able to identify the basic concepts in intercultural communication, understand the cultural influence in behavior and communication, understand the adjustment process to a new culture, and will manage emotions in the face of ambiguity, change, and challenging circumstances and people. Students will explore the theoretical framework of intercultural competence and reflect their own experiences in the learning process.
The course includes also application process work, practical arrangements and preparation of the learning agreement. The course consist of three phases: pre-departure before exchange period, in-country while in exchange and re-entry after return.

YH00CN06 A Research or a Development Assignment for an Organisation

Scope: 2-4 credits

Preparing a written report or development assignment starts with the mapping of the client’s need and the current situation. On the basis of this information, the student will prepare a development proposal or plan utilizing literature and / or researched information. The result of the work is a report that includes an introduction, a description of the implementation of the work, and the results.