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Project information

The purpose of METNET network was to promote knowledge and best practices, and enable transfer of know-how between companies, research and training organizations on a European level. METNET research activities within steel construction now continue under Steel construction excellence center (SCEC). 

We thank all METNET partners for their contribution to the activities over the years.


MetNet Agreement

METNET partners prepared several initiatives to different finance sources. In this section you can find the materials of these proposals.


Metnet BSR application
Metnet BSR evaluation


COST application
COST evaluation


Project summary (version 27.11.08)
Programme information can be found here.


No published Calls (Security). See the published Calls here.

Structural Safety (see prof Virdi’s presentation from Rostock 08)
See RobCIL application for RFSC as a backgroud material.
Programme information can be found here.

Vilnius 2018



​Arvydas Rimkus, VGTU:  Arvydas Rimkus_Efficient suspended structural systems.pdf

Ieva Misiunaite, VGTU:  Ieva Misiunaite_Adhhesively bonded steel and composite cross sections.pdf

Jukka Joutsenvaara, Lapland UAS:  Jukka Joutsenvaara_On Arctic Welding.pdf

Vitalina Yurchenko, Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture/ Scadsoft:  Scadsoft_Implementation of Eurocodes in steel structural design.pdf

Jarmo Havula, Häme UAS:  Jarmo Havula_ Steel Construction Excellence Center.pdf

Yesim Kamile Aktuglu, Dokuz Eylul University:  Yesim Kamile Aktuglu_The Rooftop Solution of Il Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice.pdf

Cottbus 2017


Updating finite element model of façade scaffolds anchor considering experimental data
Jakub Dolejš, Vikas Arorab, Jiri Ilcikc

Effect of axial force in main member on initial axial stiffness of tubular joints
Maria Bronzova, Marsel Garifullin, Markku Heinisuo, Kristo Mela, Sami Pajunen

The Effect of Direct Analysis Method Based Structural Control of Assymetricaly Loaded Underslung Steel Structures
Ieva Misiunaite

Fire temperature distribution in trapezoidal composite floors
Kuldeep Virdi

Welding simulation for the calculation of the welding stresses on welded I-girders
Birgit Ragotzky, Benjamin Launert

Bending tests of very thick plates with advanced research equipment and techniques
Raimo Ruoppa, Raimo Vierelä, Marko Ylitolva, Rauno Toppila, Vili Kesti

Reduction of fatigue crack growth rate in CT-specimens using adhesively bonded CFRP-strips
Lukáš Ledecký, Yvonne Ciupack, Hartmut Pasternak, Achim Geßler, Markus Feldmann,Yann Kasper, Thomas Ummenhofer

Hybrid reinforcement measures and innovative measurement methods in steel construction
Yvonne Ciupack, Hartmut Pasternak, Emre Yilmaz, Florian Sternsdorff, Ioannis Vayas

ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME Vision-Based Scenario Evaluation concerning Sustainable Residential Areas
Tarja Meristö, Jukka Laitinen

ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN ONE DAY – Future-oriented regional development towards energy-efficient residential areas
Tarja Meristö, Jukka Laitinen

Load-Bearing Capacity Area as an Interactive Analysis Tool in SCAD Office
Igor Gavrylenko, Sergiy Girenko, Anatoly Perelmuter, Michael Perelmuter, Vitalina Yurchenko

Numerical studies of behavior of a curved steel and concrete composite cable space frame
G.M. Gasii

Reliability of Steel Frameworks of Industrial Buildings
Pichugin S.F., Patenko Iu.E.

Software development experiences in designing of Steel Structural Joints
Viktor Karpilovsky, Eduard Kriksunov, Anatoly Perelmuter, Vitalina Yurchenko, Igor Gavrylenko, Sergiy Girenko

Future Metnet – Option A in collaboration with Metnet IE project
Arto Ranta-Eskola

The substantiation of the selection of the type of the finite element with the account of its impact on the accuracy of calculation at designing metal building structures
D.O. Kuzmenko, V.M. Fridkin, I.M. Kuzmenko

Lapland 2017


​Software Development Experience in Designing of Steel Structural Joints
Viktor Karpilovsky, Eduard Kryksunov, Anatoly Perelmuter, Vitalina Yurchenko

Opening Speech
Mayor of Kemi, Mr. Tero Nissinen

Unified Approach for Structural Behavior of Welded Tubular Joints
Marsel Garifullin, Kristo Mela, Markku Heinisuo

Code Based Constraints in Steel Structures
Teemu Tiainen

Current Research of Division of Metal Structures in Poznan University of Technology
Katarzyna Rzeszut

Presentation of Lapland University of Applied Sciences
Kimmo Keltamäki, Rauno Toppila

Arctic Welding
Kimmo Keltamäki, rauno Toppila

Current Research Topics in Steel Structures
Scientific Group Work 15.6.2017

Welcome to Metnet Annual Seminar in Cottbus, Germany October 2017
Yvonne Ciupack
Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
Lehrstuhl für Stahl- und Holzbau

Projecting Options in the Near Future
Jarmo Raittila, Senior Technology Advisor Horizon 2020- NCP/NMBP
Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

Castellon 2016


METNET publica​tions

– Aarhus 2011

– Izmir 2012

– Luleå 2013

– Moscow 2014

– Budapest 2015

– Castellón 2016

– Cottbus 2017



STABFI – Steel Cladding Systems for Stabilization of Steel Buildings in Fire

Research program of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel – 2016

Duration of the Project:

07/2017 – 07/2020

Short description

It has been shown that considerable savings can be achieved for structural members, columns, beams and generally frames, if sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheeting are used for stabilizing members and even the whole structure, compared to the case when stability is ensured by other means. The question addressed here is: can we achieve similar savings in fire due to this stabilizing effect? The project offers innovation of using it also during fire, which is expected to lead to considerable savings in costs and carbon emissions for steel structures in competition against other materials.


Tampere University of Technology, Finland (Coordinator)
Ceske Vysoke Uceni Technicke v Praze, Czech Republic
City University of London, United Kingdom
Budapesti Muszaki Es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem, Hungary
Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus – Senftenberg, Germany
Ruukki Construction Oy, Finland
Kingspan A.S., Czech Republic
Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland
SFS Intec Oy, Finland

UNICO – Higher Education and University-Business Cooperation in International Construction


Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
VIA University College (Denmark)
Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Russia)​


– To develop and implement a pilot of a joint higher education construction course between HAMK, VIA AND Voronezh
– The curriculum and practical execution principles of developed international course can be applied as a basis in the future cooperation with other Russian universities

RUOSTE – Rules On High Strength Steel

Research program, RFCS – Research Fund for Coal and Steel ​

Duration of project:

07 / 2012 – 06 / 2015

Short description 

EN-1993 covers steel grades up to S460, and with small adjustments, up to S690.
In “RuOSte” the existing rules and requirements will be examined with regard to more economic and feasible design rules, covering steel grades up to S960. The main questions regarding ductility, strength of welded joints, tubular joints and stability will be addressed. In several case studies, impact of recommendations developed in the project for designing structures of HSS will be evaluated.​


Aarhus Universitet 
Lappeenranta University of Technology 
Luleå University of Technology 
Tampere University of Technology 
Rautaruukki OYJ 
VoestAlpine Krems 
Budapest University of Technology and Economics​​