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Senior lecturer in HAMK Edu research unit and in Professional Teacher Education unit. I have strong experience working over 20 years with Sustainable development related issues as a lecturer and as an expert in many projects. My background is agriculture and rural development. My passion is learning, and everything that is related to it. PBL, project-based learning, student centered learning, active learning, teaching and learning in developing countries. Doctoral student in Technological University of the Shannon, Ireland.


DLB digitalisaatiolla luonnonvarat biotalouteen, AGRIScale - Collaborative Action for Scaling Agri-Entrepreneurship and Industry Engagement in Food and Agribusiness Training in Sub-Saharan Africa, PBL- bioAfrica, ORAS - opi ravinteista, Yritysten vihreä siirtymä, muutoskyvykkyys ja digitalisaatio REACT-EU, 21st century forestry TVET TV: Activate pedagogy and modernised professional skills in technical and vocational forestry education in Tanzania