Annika Michelson - Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu
Annika Michelson

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I am senior lecturer at Häme University of Applied Sicences in Mustiala campus. I work with agri-environmental issues - climate change, biodiversity, genetic diversity, heritage cereals, native breeds and native species. I do also work with tradoitional rural landscapes, ecological farming and pollinators. I live in Estonia and work as an eLearning supervisor. I have worked at HAMK since 1996.


Avoin Luova Yhteistö, KnowSheep, Mobiilisti, OSKU, RUTH IP, ManTra, Luomussa vara parempi, Edge Zones and Green Corridors in the Agricultural Landscape, Growing Seed Savers


research, project work, Networking, eLearning, non governmental organisational work, English, Finnish, swedish, danish, estonian


University of Copenhagen Geographical Institute